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West African Cooking Classes - The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Ideal for Individuals, Couples, Birthdays, Parties, Or Just A Group Of Friends

“I take you on a journey to discover the well-kept secrets of all the best exotic flavours of West African cooking. You will discover first-hand all the ingredients, herbs and spices that are used in various West African dishes.” – Cook and Instructor Ebere Akadiri

Ebere Akadiri’s West African cooking classes are hands-on, experiential, and lots of fun . . . not to mention a delicious feast and party!

Together we will learn to cook Nigerian dishes and create a fabulous meal to be enjoyed together. Our cooking classes not only introduce you to the unique, exciting, flavorful and exotic foods of Nigeria and West Africa, but will introduce you to a little bit of the culture, music and dance of West Africa as well.

Our purpose goes beyond teaching you on how to cook the meal we prepare in class. We will teach you skills that will allow you to prepare this type of food quickly for your family or a special occasion. We will help banish your fear of cooking for family and guests and even give you the courage to host a “house party” with your new found skills.

Although various peppers are integral to Nigerian cuisine, West African dishes do not have to be spicy and all dishes are adjusted to accommodate Dutch tastes and preferences.


Young Chef Cooking Classes with Emerald Tawe: Hosted by Ebere Akadiri

Young Chef Cooking Classes with Emerald Tawe: Hosted by Ebere Akadiri

This is a 4-week class taking place every Saturday from 11 am to 1.30pm. The first class starts on October 1, 2016.

Ataro's Place, Prinsestraat 18, 2513 CD, The Hague

Kids love to cook, and cooking class makes for a great party, fun activities and hands-on, new learning experience.

Our brand new Young Chef Cooking Class will teach kids basic meal planning, balanced meals, healthy eating habits and the confidence required to cook, handle kitchen tools and equipment.

We start with snacks and socialising, then move into the kitchen for a hands-on interactive cooking class where everyone participates in creating a delicious meal and snacks.

During the class, the kids will also learn about the origin and culture of the food they are being introduced to.

At the end of the cooking, kids are allowed to take their food home or stay back and eat the meals with their new friends.

This is introducing Young chefs cooking class taking place at Ataro’s place. This is a 4 weeks baking and cooking class that will use available ingredients, modern West African recipes to produce western pastries, cakes and light meals.

Our guest chef, Emerald will take the kids through this unique classes with my help now and then.

West African Cooking Workshop: Guest Chef from Ghana

West African Cooking Workshop: Guest Chef from Ghana

September 23, 2016, 18:00-20:30

Ataro's Place, Prinsestraat 18, 2513 CD, The Hague

Ataro’s Place is excited to introduce our guest chef for the month of September who has graciously accepted to come and introduce our community to the vibrant cuisine of Ghana.

Maybe you have tasted my Nigerian cooking and still wonders what the rest of West African cooking looks like.

Or You have been planning to join one of my cooking classes but have not got the chance.

This is yet another opportunity to experience the vibrant cuisine of West Africa.

As with my Nigerian cooking classes, our guest chef, Monica Wayoe-Anokye, a native of Ghana, will teach us the background culture and recipes of Ghana.

Private Classes

We are happy to schedule private classes for individuals, couples, a group of friends, a birthday party, other party or occasion or a corporate team building event. We also offer West African cooking classes for kids through our Young Chef Cooking Classes. Please call us and let’s explore some options together so that we can customize a wonderfully fun and instructive cooking workshop to suit your needs.

Your Cooking instructor and Hostess

Ebere Akadiri is originally from Nigeria. Passionate about cooking and entertaining, Ebere says, “I have been inspiring my clients with delicious and tasty meals for over six years. At our kitchen, we use fresh quality and mostly organic produce from local suppliers. Our cooking classes are hands on and all the participants are actively involved in the food preparation. Class sizes are between 10 and 30 participants organized in groups of 5 or 6. The knowledge you learn in class will help you use your unique taste and preferences to create your menu plan and banish the fear of cooking ethnic foods for your family and guests. I have a great passion for healthy cooking and organizing parties and it is my pleasure to ensure that you have fun while learning how to cook Nigerian dishes. There is something for everyone and we know you will have fun. Our purpose goes beyond teaching you on how to cook. We will teach you skills that will allow you prepare food quickly for your family or for a special occasion as well as how to plan a menu for a certain number of persons to reduce waste or food not being enough for everyone.”

For more information about West African Cooking Classes with Ebere and our visiting West African Chefs in The Hague area, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, please email us at