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West African cuisine to Netherlands


The Nigerian entrepreneur Ebere Akadiri (43) brings the West African cuisine to the Netherlands with a new product line: ATARO food & Spices. Akadiri in the Netherlands has recently settled down with one great ambition: to introduce the West African cuisine worldwide in people's homes and in restaurants.Netherlands has its pilot market because, according to the Dutch Ebere open to new trends, especially when it comes to food. They will do so with its own product line and through workshops and cooking demonstrations. Behind the scenes, meanwhile also working hard on a West African cookbook... Read full text

Meet Ebere

By Dish Tales

When I told a friend that I was excited to feature a lovely lady on the blog who was going to introduce us all to Nigerian cuisine I could’ve known that the following joke was bound to be made: “Don’t they just eat cooked rice in Africa?”. A harmless (and somewhat tasteless) joke one might say. However, what troubled me more was that he followed by asking: “I mean, how do they even have cuisine?”. Being Persian and raised in both Europe and North America, I’m pretty much used to hearing mainstream stereotyping phrases on a daily basis. While all these ancient cultures with rich traditions, extraordinary spices and unique cuisine around the world are everyday being labelled with these stereotypes, Dishtales is proud to be a platform that brings together all fellow humans through the eyes of cuisine, paying tribute to their food heritage. Today we explore West African food in the kitchen of a Nigerian lady: Meet Ebere... Read full text