About us

Ataro Global Food & Spices B.V is a Netherlands Food Services Company that packages and distributes custom mixed spices and cooking sauces used in the preparation of West African inspired dishes, as well offering a variety of West African cooking workshops, offering Recipe-in-a-box (complete recipe ingredients with cooking guides as well as sharing West African recipes through our website, newsletter and blog.

The mission and purpose of Ataro Global Foods is to introduce West African Cuisine to The Netherlands and Europe. Presently this healthy, delicious and flavorful food is little known outside the shores of West Africa. We hope to promote this cuisine and its health benefits to a broader audience.

The name Ataro comes from Ata Rodo, an African habenero pepper. Most West African spices include pepper blends, but all Nigerian and West African foods are not hot and spicy . . . just flavorful!

Company Founder – West African Food Ambassador and Entrepreneur
Ebere Akadiri is a lovely, passionate, engaging and charming champion and ambassador for West African cuisine. As a cook, event planner and trainer, her enthusiasm for the foods, colors, aromas, culture, music and dance of her native Nigeria is infectious. She is working hand in hand with a dutch expert food professionals to develop her packaged food products.

Starting with The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, she is converting the people of The Netherlands to the tastiness and health benefits of West African foods one palate at a time. Ebere hopes to introduce the flavors and dishes of her region into homes and kitchens across The Netherlands and Europe.

Her great joy is to take people on the fun and fascinating journey of discovering the rich and authentic tastes of West African Cuisine in an inspiring way.

Here is her story in her own words, “I love to share the beauty of my culture and the different herbs and spices that distinguish Nigerian cooking. I was compelled to learn how to cook at the age of 12, when my eldest sister who raised me after my mother’s death was ill and could not cook our dinner. She insisted I must do the cooking. Having no prior experience and not being ready to learn cooking at that age, I wept bitterly. However, that day, using the ingredients we had on hand, I managed to create a pretty tasty meal. I eventually grew to love cooking and later to organize and cook for parties. I also enjoyed inviting my friends to come around and connect with other friends while enjoying a delicious meal. I love the way food brings people together and it’s one of the reasons I think cooking classes are a great team building exercise. As much as I enjoy cooking, I equally love sharing knowledge. Therefore, I show people how to plan and cater their own events. I also organize life transformation workshops that help people to learn cooking, catering skills and personal development skills in an entertaining and happy environment.”

A well-known and successful caterer and event planner in Nigeria, she was the Founder/CEO of Relish Catering and Confectioneries Nigeria, which specialized in restaurant and catering management. Her company was the preferred event planner and caterer for the Nigerian government as well as global clients – many in the oil field business such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Saipem and Shell Oil.

Her B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology has been very useful in the preparation, mixing and hygienic packaging of the prepared spices and sauces she offers through Ataro’s Global Food Products

Originally from the Eastern part of Nigeria (Imo state) Ebere is married to Bisi Akadiri who is from the Ondo State in the West. They relocated to The Hague in 2013 when Bisi, an engineer, was transferred to The Netherlands for his job. They are blessed with 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls.

Ebere loves organizing and hosting fun and entertaining West African and Nigerian cooking workshops that allow her to share her passion for the cooking, music, colors, flavors and beauty of her native culture with others, as well as the production aspect and the packaged foods division of Ataro Global Foods. In her words, all these outlets give her the opportunity to . . .

“Take people on a journey to discover the well-kept secrets of all the best exotic flavours of West African cooking.” – Cook and Instructor Ebere Akadiri